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What is Pure Fog™ Program?

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has a new public health concern: the threat of airborne pathogens. In our steadfast dedication to safeguarding our customers’ wellbeing, we at GRMC have developed and trademarked a groundbreaking new program based on the latest and safest disinfection technologies: Pure Fog™.

Pure Fog™ is our answer to infection control through air purification and sterilization. It transforms cutting-edge disinfectants into a fine mist that fills the air and reaches every corner in a given space, ensuring that everyone can breathe easy both at home and at work.


Why do you need it?

Pure Fog™ produces the highest possible air quality, eliminating 99.995% of all airborne viruses and germs indoors. It also removes mold and other fungus, even in the hardest to reach places thanks to its fogging delivery system.


The formula used is safe, hypoallergenic, non-irritant, non-staining and free of alcohol, aldehydes, dyes and scents. In fact, it improves air quality all around by suppressing allergens and dust, promoting better health in more ways than one. 


But its benefits extend beyond the sanitary. The Pure Fog™ program also deodorizes odorlessly, removing smoke and bad smells to create a fresh atmosphere. Best of all, it can be used at any time without the need for evacuation, providing immediate, safe and efficient disinfection at the customer’s convenience.

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Where can you use it?

Every indoor space people live or gather in can use an improvement in air quality. Our Pure Fog™ program guarantees that improvement in every home, classroom, office, factory, store, mall or facility. 
Our Pure Fog™ program can be of particular use in locations where air quality is a constant challenge to be addressed, such as farms, F&B processing facilities, health clinics, sports and recreational areas, and spas. 
Our highly trained team of experts stands ready to meet that challenge by providing our patented solution as swiftly and efficiently as possible

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