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GPC Pest Management Program

Gone are the days of excessive use of chemicals and indiscriminate fumigation. From bed bug treatment to all types of public health insects pest control, our business has evolved, and we at GRMC have adopted the most advanced solutions into our overarching GPC Pest Management Program.



Our GPC Pest Management Program features many deliberate steps, including: carefully studying our customer’s needs, especially the type of potential pest we’re dealing with, such as bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and spiders; planning the appropriate sustainable solution using a tailored mix of treatments; implementing that solution and ensuring its long-term efficiency through continued monitoring of KPI, as well as through educational initiatives to promote cultural practices that create an environment hostile to pests. From ant control to cockroach pest control, we provide full-fledged solutions for every problem.

Our process can be summarized as follows:


  • Careful inspection and assessment of the premises, as well as observing the sanitary and waste management policy in place.

  • Successful identification of current and potential pests in addition to areas attracting pests and vulnerable to infestation.

  • Forming and applying an appropriate pest control strategy through the careful consideration of site and pest-specific techniques and pesticides.

  • Scheduled on-time treatment of pests and monitoring activity, while constantly coordinating with the client on keeping a clean environment inhospitable to pests.


Choosing the right approach and materials to use for a client’s particular needs is a defining part of our expertise. Our services encompass a wide variety of products to choose from, providing tailored solutions to each customer’s specific needs. From insects to rodents, from chemical to mechanical treatments, GRMC always has the perfect answer to your problem.



A control method that can be specific to one or a wide range of pests, baits come in a variety of types that can keep your perimeter free of any harmful intruders. Some baits even have a delayed effect in order to eradicate entire nests, ensuring a long term solution.



A more direct approach, pesticides can be used to completely treat specific spots or when needed entire areas of pests, both indoors and outdoors. Some pesticides, such as Insect Growth Regulators or IGRs, are designed to make sure no proliferation can occur.



Mechanical solutions that provide a more targeted approach and allow a better understanding of pest behavior, frequency, and source, helping to implement a comprehensive solution that provides immediate capture as well as constant monitoring.



Sometimes all it takes is to make sure your home or business is pest-free is denying pests entry or restricting sources of food and water. We work with you to highlight these important issues through our constant reporting system.


GRMC prides itself on its personalized services, working with you every step of the way to identify your problem, implement tailored solutions, and provide ways to prevent any future pest activity. Bringing together highly qualified individuals to guarantee your satisfaction, our professional team is comprised of:

  • Passionate managers

  • Dedicated and constantly trained pest control technicians

  • Educated and well informed entomologists

  • Willing and service oriented client care representatives

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