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AMS™ – Anti Microbial Shielding Program



In a globalized world where diseases can spread from one continent to another in a matter of days, hygiene and cleanliness are at an all-time premium. As evidenced by the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, homes, businesses, public and private establishments are in dire need of professional sanitization.
That is where GRMC comes in. Our SDP™ disinfection program is designed to ensure public health and safety by eliminating the infectious pathogens that are inevitably found on the objects people interact with on a daily basis. Certified by local health authorities and the department of economic development, our SDP™ program makes the world a safer place for people while respecting the environment.



Our SDP™ disinfection program is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of segments, as health and sanitation are important to everyone. From the public to the private sectors, from residential and commercial applications to offices and industrial spaces, our professional disinfection process is guaranteed to make your home or workplace cleaner and healthier.
Our team is trained in handling apartments, houses, villas, residential compounds, schools, shops, stores, malls, commercial centers, offices, factories, and more. From the intimate to the crowded, no space is too small, too big or too complex for our expert disinfection crew.
Homeowners will rest easy knowing their germs remain outside of their house, and both employers and employees will feel better about going to work.
Our SDP™ disinfection program is especially useful to businesses for whom hygiene is critical, such as restaurants, food factories, and health clinics, among others, to whom we offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing your facilities are always safe for your customers.
With the rise of new pathogens and the global nature of our community, no place can afford to go without quality professional disinfection services. Whoever and wherever they are, GRMC has everyone covered.

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